How Vendirun Can Help You Run Your Business.

Designed to be easy to use, yet extremely powerful, Vendirun takes care of the complicated stuff in the background and provides you with advanced wizards with instructions in plain english.

Currently Available Modules

Customer & Contact Management

Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is where you house all of your contacts, and record interactions to improve these relationships. The segmentation tools ensure your contacts are organised and prepared for targeted marketing campaigns.

Vendirun CRM is the first small step in saving you and your business time and money. The administrative savings by using a CRM are immense.  

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Products & Sales

Do you have a complex product portfolio? Customers ordering online, over the phone and in person? Easily manage all of this, plus your stock, quotes, orders from the web plus manually created orders, invoices and much more in one place.  

Vendirun Sales Platform is ideal for online retailers, update your products in minutes and never again miss an opportunity to help your customer select the right product.

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Email Marketing

Easily keep your contacts, customers or suppliers up to date. Perhaps choose a marketing campaign to those with whom you’ve not spoken to in 6+ months! Use our analytics tool to find out who’s interested.

Vendirun Email Marketing works just as well to update the masses of a new product launch, as it does to keep your prospective clients up to date based on their subscription preferences.

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Marketing Automation

Create pipelines with preset triggers, plan as many scheduled events as you like and establish intervals to ensure you maximise interaction and engagement with your contacts.

Manage your pipelines, see how many and which contacts are on any given pipeline at any moment. Take the guesswork out of staying in touch with you customers.


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Staff Management

Manage your staff's contact information, details and hours from the control panel. Even assign your staff to specific buildings, venues or events. 

Vendirun Staff Manager Popular in hospitality & retail, combined with SMS to remind staff of shift/rota/location changes, or offer that late notice overtime.

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Cloud Storage

Securely store your important files here. Allow your customers to access downloadable products, or just directly send them attachments or files.

Vendirun Cloud Storage , your secure virtual warehouse for all files & data. Quickly email documents, invoices, quotes or downloadable products directly via the CRM.

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Website Content Management

Quickly and easily update your own website using our drag and drop editor. Simply create your own sliders and add contact forms. Vendirun can be integrated into your existing website or a new one.

Vendirun CMS gives you complete control of your website, great for when you need it updating quickly.

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Blogging Platform

Share your knowledge. Give people a look inside your company or brand, and open your doors through social media. Make a difference by helping educate people in your industry.

Vendirun Blogging Platform gives you the tools to promote your brand and establish yourself as an expert in your field.

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Track appointments and meetings, or share your calendar with staff. Create and manage your own schedule or that of your staff.

Vendirun Calendar keeps you organised, informed and prepared for the week ahead.

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Bookings & Reservations

Link customers to appointments. Allow customers to book appointments online from your website. Send out automated email and SMS reminders.

Vendirun Booking System is ideal for clients in need to a gentle reminder, or promoting last minute time slots.

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Real Estate Sales & Rentals

Your own turnkey real estate system specifically created for independent real estate agents. Manage your property listings and show them on your website. Print or email property detail cards.

Vendirun Property gives you the tools of a top Real Estate business, at a cost you can afford whilst on your way to becoming one.

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Create your event, sell the tickets (or offer some free!) Take bookings in person, over the phone or even through your website. Share schedules with your caterers, the band, the venue, or any other suppliers.

Vendirun Events System takes care of the administrative strain, so you can focus on marketing and enjoying the event!

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Vendirun has a lot more to offer!

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